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Our Awesome Products

Tafakkore Naab-e Salamat medical equipment company

BEHTA is active in providing and producing a large range of needed equipment in surgery, special implants, neurology, spine and surgery sets.

This company hires official and exclusive representatives to well-known companies and follows world’s most up to date standards. To get exclusive representative contact us via email. All products in this company have official permission.

By employing skillful technicians and experts, BEHTA company tries to offer best services to surgeons.

By using skillful official staff and respecting customers, Behta medical equipment producer company answers your requests in the shortest time.

Unofficial staffs include the most skillful surgery room experts with high experience, which are devided according to their degree of ability and expertise in specific operations. With the emergence of new products, instructing new techniques are presented to experts by educational supervisors.

All products from this Company have warranty.

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